Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Strauss Family, Waltzes Polkas and Overtures. CD 1,2 & 3.

From my collection.
Date of purchase: August 2009.
First listen: 11-1-2018.
Label: EMI
CD 1-3 from 6.
Recording dates: Between 1971 & 1985.
Venue: Munich and Vienna.
Engineers: Wolfgang Gülich, Ernst Rothe, Alfons Seebacher.
Time: 70:14, 73:50, 70:59.

Works by Johann Strauss I and II.

Performed by:
Wiener Johann Strauss Orchester.
Münchner Rundfunkorchester.
Wiener Symphoniker.
Willi Boskovsky.

Boskovsky is many times named the best conductor if it comes to the music of the Strauss family. In this he has no equal. And I agree. The way he understands the compositions gives way to the ultimate pleasure this music must show. The Schmalz and emotional connection is a prime part of his conducting, more so as the technical side of it. I never have any doubts about what I hear, and deplore the fact that he died in 1991. For me personally this was a great loss. Sure in Das Neujahr concert many a fine conductor makes their entrance, but they never will touch the true Wienerische sound so magnificently as Boskovsky did. The true genius of the Strauss family was never portrayed better as we can hear on the recordings by EMI. The music dances like a ballet, absolutely gorgeous. The sound is quite good, and the orchestras enjoy themselves with a conductor that is one of them, for he often played the violin during performances.
What flabbergasted me though was the fact that is was in my collection and never being played once. While culling my collection I stumbled over it and found no listening list in it. I cannot understand why this happened.

Bach, Johann Sebastian.(1685-1750) The Complete Organ Works. CD III. The Foccroulle edition.

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