Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Parisian Symphony box. CD 5. Haydn, Joseph. (1732-1809) Three Symphonies.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: October 2017.
First listen: 20-12-2017.
Second listen: 3-4-2018.
Recording dates:  Between 2008-2014.
Venue: Not mentioned.
Engineer: Manuel Mohino.
Time: 78:05.

Works on CD 5.
Symphony in C major, The Bear Hob.1:82.
In D major, Hob. 1:86.
In F sharp minor, Hob 1:45, Farewell.

Performed by:
Les Agrémens, Guy Van Waals.
On authentic instruments.

I have to admit that the performances by this orchestra plus conductor are much to my liking. If compared to Hogwood you get with Van Waals more flesh on the bones. It is also more passionate, and emotionally driven. Even the menuets are taken at a faster tempo and none of them is equal in tempo. The drive and sometime vehemence is very refreshing, and so powerful in expression. It is  thoughtfully moulded and you get a deeply committed reading, honestly communicative of its intent, and so free of self conscious monumentalism, sententiousness or melodramatics, that it is truly a refreshing performance. A firmly controlled atmosphere, tender phrasings, confident articulation, and well paced, it is all in the package. I really like this interpretation and the sound of this orchestra. Would they ever record all Haydn symphonies, I would surely acquire them.
Sound is superb.

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