Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tartini, Giuseppe.(1692-1770) The Complete Violin Concertos. CD 7.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: 2017.
First listen: 28-12-2017.
Label: Dynamic.
CD 7 from 29.
Recording dates: April 1998.
Venue: Villa Cordellina, Vincentia Italy.
Fabio Framba.
Time: 63:39.

Works on CD 7.

Violin Concertos:

In E minor, "Bagna le piume in Lete".
C major/F major/G major.

L'Arte Dell 'Arco.

The recordings at least are much better as the first 5 CD'S of this box. Overall the playing gets better, but the tempi are still middle of the road. Interpretative there is more to be had.  The violin playing, especially by Federico Guglielmo is pointier and the bowing has more expressive power in it. The BC has it moments too.

Bach, Johann Sebastian.(1685-1750) The Complete Organ Works. CD III. The Foccroulle edition.

New acquisition. Date of purchase: 2017. First listen: 19-2-2018. Label: Ricercar. Recording dates: May 1996. Venue: Blasii Kirche in Z...