Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Love, revelry and the dance in Mediæval music. CD 4. Carmina Burana, Officium Lusorum.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: October 2017.
First listen: 13-12-2017.
Label: Ricercar.
CD 4 from 7.
Recording dates: September 2005.
Venue: Eglise Saint Apollinaire de Bolland.
Sound: Philippe de Magnée.
Time: 77:04.

Works on CD 4:
See heading.

Performed by:
Millenarium. (The Jugglers)
Chœur de Chambre de Namur. (The Gollards)
Psallentes. (The Canons)
Chœur d'Enfants de l'école de musique de Forbach. (The Choirboys)

Quite a bit of spectacle, rough and unhewn. At times devastatingly beautiful, but also rawness that assaults the ear in more than one way. Do not look for sophisticated interpretations, for all the bad God allows is used to the full in this recording of the Carmina Burana. Some of the stuff I liked, but I also had moments of disgust. So it's a challenge and a tumultuous ride. All participants did their worse for the sake of the message I guess. So put on rags and do not wash yourself for a month, muddle around in dirt and try your vocals in this experiment. I am sure you will have feelings of disgust and joy at the same time. Sound is good.

Bach, Johann Sebastian.(1685-1750) The Complete Organ Works. CD III. The Foccroulle edition.

New acquisition. Date of purchase: 2017. First listen: 19-2-2018. Label: Ricercar. Recording dates: May 1996. Venue: Blasii Kirche in Z...