Thursday, November 30, 2017

Viotti, Giovanni Battista (1755-1824) Complete Violin Concertos. CD 7.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: September 2017.
First listen: 30-11-2017.
Label: Dynamic.
CD 7 from 10.
Recording dates: March 1999.
Venue: Sala S. Antonio, Perugia. Italy.
Sound engineer: Pietro Mosetti Casaretto.
Total time: 70:33

Works on this CD:
Violin concertos:
No. 17 in D minor.
No. 15 in B flat major.
No. 9 in A major.

Performed by: 

Franco Mezzena, Violin & Conductor.
Symphonia Perusina.

I cannot say that the music is exciting or digging deep in the melodic content. The orchestral part is a middle of the road affair, nothing much happening there. Also in terms of tempi it can be rather boring. Not the kind of alertness I expected. All is very suave and unadventurous. 
However the parts written for violin are extraordinary fine. And there is the power of the music, the well crafted writing for this instrument. Another aspect is the excellent playing by Mezzena, but again he may be technical accomplished, but not even his playing infuses this music with the drive it needs. His phrasing is impeccable and he has a broad range of expression at his command, but he rarely uses it. Its elegant and polished to high gloss, but that's afraid all for me. A better orchestra and more drive to it all would have made this set indispensable, as it is however it is rather a question whether or not you want the music.  The sound is good enough.

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