Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Valls, Francesc. (1665-1747) Tonos divinos Españoles. Popular sacred music from the Spanish Baroque.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: October 2017.
First listen: 13-11-2017.
Label: Pan Classics.
Recording dates: January 2004.
Venue: Eglise Saint Laurent, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Sound engineer: Sigrid Lee & Roberto Meo.
Total time: 67:03.

Works on this CD.
See heading.

Additional composers:

Pablo Bruna. (1611-1679)
Obras de Falsas de Sexto tono.
Obra de Medio registro de tiple de primer tono.
Joan Cabanilles. (1644-1712)
Tiento XII de Falsas.
Anonymous. (17th century)
Passacalles de primer tono.

Performed by:
A Corte Musical, Rogério Gonçalves.
Corien de Jong, Organ.
No mention which organ is used.

First and foremost this is well composed music, in excellent performances and well recorded. A fine pastime and entertaining to boot. It gives a impression of popular Spanish baroque music, which was very colourful and invigorating. I especially liked the organ pieces. There is a sort of forceful push behind it but not overly much. Corien de Jong plays the pieces rhythmically precise, well aware of the technical possibilities.  The voices on this disc are matched to the background of these compositions, which is popular and sacred music mixed. It works, but I was not really able to keep my attention span intact during the 67 minutes which it lasts. No matter, perfect background music with added artistic quality.

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