Thursday, November 23, 2017

Salvatore, Giovanni. (c.1610-1688) Works for Harpsichord and Organ, plus a Missa.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: November 2017.
First listen: 22-11-2017.
Label: Glossa.
Recording dates: October 1998 & June 1999.
Venue: Köln Studio, Funkhaus Saal 2 WDR, Germany. (Harpsichord)  Ponte in Valtellina, ( Madonna della Campagna, Italy. (Organ and Missa)
Sound engineer: Mark Hohn & Martin Andrae.
Time: 66:10.

Works on this CD:
Capriccios/ Corrente/ Toccata, for Harpsichord.
Missa della Domenica for Organ and Choir.
( Main source, Ricercari a quattro voci, Canzoni francesi,  toccata et versi per rispondere nelle Messe con l'Organo al choro, composte dal Giovanni Salvatore...Libro Primo, Naples 1641)

Francesco Lambardo.
Toccata for Harpsichord.

Don Carlo Gesualdo.
Canzon francese del Principe, for Harpsichord.

Performed by:
Fabio Bonizzoni, Harpsichord and Organ.
Schola Stirps Jesse, Enrico De Capitani. (Plainchant)

Instruments used:
A Harpsichord by: Luigi de Curli c. 1678. 415 Hz meantone temperament.
Organ by: Marco Antonio Bizarri-Antegnati (1519-1589)

A superb recording by Glossa to start with. The playing on both organ and harpsichord is nothing short of fabulous. The plainchant is perfectly sung and beautifully integrated into the sound of the organ. Salvatore was almost unknown to me, apart from some Harpsichord works, but I find him to be an excellent composer, much undervalued these days. He was named "teacher of teachers" with good reason, for he was highly respected in his long life and produced fine compositions as is proved by this recording.
A CD to have and cherish, for it is joy to the ear. I could say more clever things about the music, but my advice would be to buy this fine recording. 

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