Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel. (1839-1901) Complete Piano Works (solo) CD 4. Second rerun.

Second rerun. See first full review on 27-7-2017.
Date of purchase: May 2016.
First listen: 27-9-2017.
Second listen: 15-11-2017.
Label: Carus.
CD 4 from 10.
Recording dates: January 2001.
Venue: Pianohaus Probst Chur, Switzerland.
Sound engineer: Hansjürg Meier.
Total time: 69:10.

Works on this CD:
24 Präludien in Etüdenform, opus 14.
Fünf Tonbilder opus 11.

Performed by:
Jürg Hanselmann.

Steinway Konzertflügel D 530 303.

"The Präludien are a miracle of finesse in style and melodiousness. The raffinesse of the intricate melody lines has me astounded every second of it. He was a brilliant composer in every aspect and it's a great joy to have this box full with his excellence.  There is a communicative urgency maintained throughout the music, an air of unrushed inevitability.  It's all earnestness! Rheinberger's playfulness, whether manifest in rhythmic emphasis, melodic contours or voice leading are relished without ostentation. Pensiness and longing are sensitively portrayed, all is refreshingly unaffected, but masculine, spontaneous and willing on occasion to speak ardently of love. " Excerpt from the full review.

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