Monday, November 20, 2017

Henriques, Fini. (1867-1940) Orchestral Works.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: November 2017.
First listen: 20-11-2017.
Label: Dacapo.
Recording dates: September 2000& May 2001.
Venue: Helsingborg Concert hall, Sweden.
Sound engineer: Preben Iwan & Hans Nielsen.
Time: 54:17.

Works on this CD:
Romance opus 12 (1894) for Violin and orchestra.
Myggedans opus 20, No. 5 (1899) for Violin and orchestra arranged by Svend Schultz (1986)
Djævledans (1920) for Violin and orchestra, arranged by Launy Grøndal (1940).
Tata, Czardas 1&2. (1932)
Volund Smed, Suite (1896)
Suite in F major, opus 12 for Oboe and Strings (1894)
From: Den lille Havfrue (1909)

Performed by:
Christina Åstrand, violin.
Max Artved, Oboe.
Helsingborg SO, Giordano Bellincampi.

This is the first CD I own with music from Fini Henriques. I loved the samples I heard, so ordered it right away. This is full blown romantic music, with no hints towards modernism. Easy going and well scored music to please, and to aim at your emotional instincts in quick tempo. He writes marvelously in all departments of the orchestra, with fine contributions for the Violin and Oboe. I really connected to the music, but that was about all. First of all the orchestra is one of the best in Sweden, and I have many excellent recordings with them, but the choice of Dacapo to let Bellincampi conduct is a bad example of management by those that should have known better. He blows the music into regions where detail is totally gone out of the window, with added dynamics and accents that murders the rest of the music. Bellincampi doesn't understand this music and thinks it to be Verdi. The sound engineers made quite a shambles of it too. Violin and Oboe are so forwardly recorded that it pains my ears, dynamics so loud that all detail is lost, accents placed totally outside the context of the music. I know Preben Iwan to be a fine engineer, but this time he totally misfired, as did Hans Nielsen. O, well at least the music is good, be it wrongly represented.

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