Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Grétry, André Modeste. (1741-1813) Miscellaneous works.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: November 2017.
First listen: 14-11-2017.
Second listen: 26-3-2018.
Label: Ricercar.
CD 1 from 7.
Recording dates: 2002-2007.
Venue: ?
Sound engineer: Jérôme Lejeune.
Time: 77:22.

Works on this CD:
Céphale et Procris. (Airs de L'Aurore)
Les Deux Avares. (Airs de Henriette)
Anacréon chez Polycrate. Air de Anais)
La Caravane du Caire. (Air de l'esclave Italienne)
Concerto in D major for Flute and Orchestra.

Performed by:
Les Agrémens, Guy Van Waas.
Sophie Karthäuser, Soprano.
Jan de Winne, Flute.

Much recommended by my musical friends I finally bought this box. It is filled with interesting music and excellent performances, although for me that is not always the case. As per usual I take issue with the soprano featuring in this recording. In essence she has a fine voice, but can add some artificial vibrato to the proceedings which does not tickle my fancy. Furthermore she can lash out forcefully with her voice and so get a metal grinding quality, that did shake my nerves quite a bit.  Seven items therefore I had to ban from this recording, so all in all this became for me a quite a pleasant disc, but thankfully without the soprano. I was not born to withstand such aural attacks, simple as that.
Grétry is an excellent composer, which you can hear through the expert hands of Gus van Waas and his orchestra. Sometimes tempi are taken too leisurely which I noticed to my chagrin, but the expression was fabulous, so that does a lot of good in my book Nothing but good things about Jan de Winne on his flute, he is quite an artist on the Flute.
Recording is excellent too, very natural, and well proportioned.
Onwards to disc 2 I say.

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