Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Gossec, François Joseph. (1734-1829) Trois Grandes Symphonies, opus VIII.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: November 2017.
First listen: 28-11-2017.
Second listen: 26-3-2018.
Label: Ricercar.
CD 2 from 7.
Recording dates: 2002-2007?
Venue: ?
Sound engineer: Jerome Lejeune.
Time: 79:29.

Works on this CD:
Symphonies No. 1/2/5.
Symphony concertante for Violin, Cello, & orchestra.
Sabinus. (Suite de Ballet)

Performed by:
Les Agrémens, Guy Van Waas.
Patrick Cohen Akenine, Violin.
François Poly, Cello.

Highly polished performances, well recorded, be it a little too much on the foreground. Dynamics can pop out quite suddenly from ppp situation. Apart from this it is detailed with plenty of air around the instruments, and fine orchestral playing. I am amazed at this level of orchestral excellence, as I am of the soloistic contribution by Violin and Cello.
Gossec is an underrated composer, but not as mediocre as some people want us to believe, on the contrary. His music is very accessible and creative in melodic content. There is introspection, complexity, warmth, tenderness and a huge suggestive power which is characteristic of this composer, as I learnt from previous recordings. Music with lasting value!.  There is a great clarity to support the structural basis of the music, it's organic and dynamic use of texture resulting in a pleasing energetic and sometimes breathtaking harmony. I especially like the Suite de Ballet with its continuous integration of different musical elements, very cleanly executed. Great interpretative ideas spring up in every movement and highlights the sheer ingenuity.

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