Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Gesualdo da Venosa., Carlo. (1566-1613) Quinto Libro de Madrigali, 1611. CD 8. Second rerun.

From my collection.
Date of purchase: September 2016.
First listen: 3-10-2017.
Second listen: 8-11-2017.
Label: Glossa.
Recording dates: May 2003 & June 2004.
Venue: Chiesa di Cuceglio, Italy.
Sound engineer: Davide Ficco & Giuseppe Maletto.
Total time: 64:15.

Works on this CD:
See heading.

Performed by: 
La Venexiana, Claudio Cavina.

When the first track on this CD makes its entrance, with a firm but also brittle account of "Gioite voi col canto" you know with certainty that the journey will be a pleasant one. Gesualdo was a man that lived with passionate and almost aggressive emotions, which is at the basis of his music. Its expression is oppressive in a positive way, but I cannot forget the man behind it all and his traversal through life. He was capable in giving his passion a free reign, almost without limitations, and this I hear back in the music however harmonious it is, and with many gentle streaks. It is for these characteristics that I like his compositions, sometimes above all other excellent madrigali composers in this box. La Venexiana keeps the outbursts within limits, and create a perfect balance in their expressive singing. They are simply made for this music. In my opinion this box is essential listening material.
Sound is good. A minor quibble is in place in track 5, "O, Dolorosa gioia". In the beginning  a tenor that starts the song sounds in the first 10 seconds very muffled. Corrected moments later, but still. Sounded very odd.

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