Tuesday, November 7, 2017

De Leidse Koorboeken. ( The Leiden Choirbooks. Volume VI. CD 2. Second rerun.

The second disc of this set, is a marvel in the sense of the music. The sound reproduction is not what I expected. It could have been better in the sense of control of the upper voices, which can be quite hard on the ear. I cope, and its not that bad, but a good engineer would surely have noticed it. This time Tom Dunnebier did not.
This said I would not be without it. The set as a whole is an tremendous success both in artistic terms, and in the choice of the composers, both known and anonymous.

Composers on  disc 2:

Johannes Flamingus.
Franciscus Mergot de Novo Portu.
Claudin de Sermisy.
Joachimus de Monte.

Works performed by:
Egidius kwartet & College.

Sweelinck, Jan Pieterszoon. (1562-1621) Cantiones Sacrae, quinque vocum 1619, Canons and Motets.

From my collection. Date of purchase: December 2009. First listen: 19-10-2011. Second listen: 22-1-2018. Label: Glossa. Recording dates...