Friday, November 10, 2017

d' India, Sigismundo. (c.1582-c.1629)Terzo libro de Madrigali, 1616. Second rerun.

Date of purchase: September 2016.
First listen: 6-10-2017.
Second listen: 10-11-2017.
Label: Glossa.
CD 9 from 9.
Recording dates: November 1997.
Venue: Chiesa della BV Maria del Monte Carmelo al Colletto Roletto, Italy.
Sound engineer: Davide Ficco.
Total time: 49:11.

Works on this CD:
See heading.

Performed by: 
La Venexiana, Claudio Cavina.

As I noted before in the other CD reviews, playing them for the second time, they are much more appreciated. A superb set.
See full review 6-10-2017.

Fête du Ballet, A compendium of Ballet rarities. CD I second rerun.

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