Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Contreparties, Music for plucked string instruments 1640-1690) for Two Lutes.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: November 2017.
First listen: 13-11-2017.
Label: Cornetto.
Recording dates: October 2014.
Venue: Kirche St. Johannes M. Vianney, Stuttgart, Germany.
Sound engineer: Wolfgang Schäfer.
Time: 50:02.

Composers on this disc:
Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger.
Francesco Corbetta.
Denis Gaultier.
Henri François de Gallot.
Nicolas Derosier.
Pierre Dubut le fils.
Johan Gumprecht.
Ennemond Gaultier.
François Dufaut.
Jean Mercure.
Pierre Dubut le père.
Robert de Visee.
Valentin Strobel.

(Angel Villoldo, El Choclo, Tango 1903) as a bonus)

Performed by:
Jean Marie Poirier & Thierry Meunier.

Baroque guitar, Theorbo,  Baroque Lute.

A fine and well recorded journey through the 17th century, played on stringed instruments by expert musicians and recorded in crystal clear sound. As a bonus is added a modern work of great fun.
Many composers were unknown to me, yet all have the same high standard of composition. Well crafted in an effective way to please and delight the listeners of their time, and still in our time, can do the same. Perfect to play in the late evening with a glass of good wine and good company.

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