Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Byrd, William. (c.1543-?1623) Clarifica Me. Music for the Organ.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: September 2017.
First listen: 13-11-2017.
Label: Ramée.
Recording dates:  May 2007.
Venue: Grote Kerk, Oosthuizen, The Netherlands.
Sound engineer: Rainer Arndt.
Time: 74:06.

Works on this CD:
See heading.

Performed by: 
Léon Berben.

Historical Renaissance organ (c.1521)
Mean tone temperament a"= 465 Hz.

This is the one of a few Renaissance organs still playable in the Netherlands. And how well it sounds. Despite the few stops it has, it will produce in the right hands enough punch and colour to delight with every tone. I am heartily glad for the Bourdon 16 and the Prestant 8, for they provide the warm basis of this organ. Byrd sounds particularly well on this instrument. Berben as per usual excels on this instrument and never tries to get out more as what the organ can give. Perfectly adapted to its possibilities, he makes it shine and blossom to a extraordinary complimentary level.  And Byrd too, for I did not hear his music so well as on this instrument.
A great addition to my collection.

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