Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann. (1710-1784) Complete Harpsichord music. CD 5 & 6. Second rerun.

Date of purchase: August 2017.
First listen: 30-9-2017.
Second listen: 11-11-2017.
Label: Brilliant.
CD 5 from 6.
Recording dates: November 2016.
Venue: Radio-Kapelle Benedictine Monastery of Muri-Gries, Bolzano, Italy.
Sound engineer: Matteo Costa.
Total time: 65:02

Works on this CD 5.
Suite in G minor.
8 Fugues.
7 Short pieces.
Polonaise & Trio in C.
Fantasia in G.

Performed by:
Claudio Astronio.

Instrument used:
Keith Hill 1984, after Johannes Petrus Bull, Germany 1778.

Date of purchase: October 2017.
First listen: 11-10-2017.
Second listen: 11-11-2017.
Label: Brilliant.
CD 6 from 6.
Recording dates: November 2016 & February 2017.
Venue: Abbazia Santa Maria delle Carceri, Carceri, Padua (Harpsichord. Track 1-24.
             Radio Kapelle-Benedictine Monastery of Muri-Gries, Bolzano. (Organ) Track 25-28.
Sound engineer: Alberto Vedovato.
Total time: 54:27.

Works on this disc 6.
Various pieces from the Vilnius manuscript.

Performed by:
Claudio Astronio.

Instruments used:
Harpsichord: Keith Hill, 2001, after anonymous, German 1710.
Organ: Johannes Rohlff 2008.

It is really a treat to hear these works again. A creative success, and perfectly performed.
Sound is superb on all 6 discs.

See full review CD 5 on 30-9-2017.
CD 6, 11-10-2017.

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