Friday, November 17, 2017

Bach, Johann Sebastian. (1685-1750) The Complete Organ Works. The Hanssler Edition. CD 3.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: January 2016,
First listen: 16-11-2017.
Label: Hanssler.
CD 3 from 20.
Recording dates: June 1999.
Venue: Church of Muri, Aargau, Switzerland.
Sound engineer: Pere Casulleras.
Time: 55:26.

Works on this CD:

<Early works for the purposes of Study, written during his student days in Ohrdruf and Lüneburg as well from his time in Arnstadt where he had his first position as organist<

Instrument used:
Organ of the Monastery church of Muri.
Built by Thomas Schott 1619-1630.
Altered by V.F. Bossart-1744.
Restored by Metzler, Edskes, Brühlmann-1966-1971.
Pitch =a' 440 Hz.
Wind pressure 78 mm.
Equal temperament. (Van Biezen)

Performed by:
Andrea Marcon.

I got this box really cheap some time ago, so I bought it for this reason, and the fact that most of the organs are historic, attached to it some pretty famous names in the performance department, enough to take the plunge. So far it has been a mild pleasure. I am not excited by what I hear, neither do I feel inspired to make haste with the listening. The first 2 cd's played by Kay Johannsen made me yawn several times. Technically they are good, but to my ears underpowered and a tad mechanical.  No real interpretive motivation behind it all. And while Andrea Marcon has more fire in his hands, and a bit more expression, it still is quite matter of fact to me. Rarely does he convince me of his take in Bach's early organ music, and I am certainly not moved by what I hear. Rhythmically it is uneven, with dynamics at odd places, accents missed, and melody lines blurred. No vision no lucidity, but serviceable yet uninspiring music making. I can live with it though, but for the wow factor I have to move elsewhere, and luckily for me I have these works in pristine performances. The organ is well recorded but the result is a bit flat and not so detailed as I have heard it before in much better sound.
Well 17 cd's to go, and I am sure I still may find some treasures in this set.
Fine booklet with lots of details but missing the registrations and the pitch and tuning info of the organs, which I think are necessary.

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