Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Atterberg, Kurt. (1887-1974) Cello and Horn Concertos.

New acquisition.
Date of Purchase: September 2017.
First listen: 6-11-2017.
Label: CPO.
Recording dates: January February 2007.
Venue: Großer Sendesaal, NDR Hannover, Germany.
Sound engineer: Helge Martensen.
Total time: 59:22.

Works on this disc:
Cello Concerto opus 21 in C minor. (1918-22)
Horn Concerto opus 28 in A major. (1926)

Performed by:
Nikolai Schneider, Cello.
Johannes Theodor Wiemes, Horn.
NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover, Ari Rasilainen.

It is always a pleasure discovering new music from Kurt Atterberg, especially if they come in such pristine performances and recording. Most of the music he wrote is already in my collection, but both concertos on this CD were not. Corrected hereby.
Both soloists are extremely good, you get virtuosic creative playing of the highest order, perfectly played and hugely expressive. A very detailed approach from them and the excellent orchestra following faithfully the score and the soloists. Very complementary in every respect. The recording is really deep with lots of aural surprises, and dynamics with punch. Rasilainen is a conductor with many talents who found his way with gusto in these works. The NDR orchestra is simply one of the best in Germany. Full of first rate ideas and immaculately crafted, with strong personality and considerable imaginative scope. The music is generous without indulgence, muscular without vulgarity. There is a naturalness  and fluidity that crowns both works to perfection. There is also expansive lyricism and grandeur, and it possesses a spontaneity that makes you believe in the music. Recommended.

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