Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Muffat, Georg. (1653-1704) Florilegium Primum 1695.

New acquisition.
Bought in June 2016.
First listen.
Original release date: 2015.
Label: Challenge Classics.
Recording dates: April 2015.
Recording venue: Festsaal Städt, Musikschule München, Germany.
Recording engineer: Simon Böckenhoff.
Running time: 70:42.
Classical relevance: Essential to my ears.

Works performed:
See heading.

Works performed by:
Ensemble Salzburg Barock.

The second CD from the label Challenge Classics today, and as successful as the first I played this morning. I never heard these compositions by Muffat before. Needless to say that it is of a very good quality. Each of the compositions on this disc are a delight in sound and content. I must add of course that I hardly heard anything by Muffat that did not bear this stamp of geniality. There is much to admire in the music, and it certainly lingers on, after hearing all.
> Florilegium primum consist of fifty individual flowers, ( mostly dance movements) making up seven flower bushes, ( fascicles, suites) combining into a bouquet, (florilegium)<  The result is colourful and every fasciculus has an individual character. It's magical and very well put together, some of the best music I heard from his hand. Performance wise, this is amazing and impressive. Goes to show how many fine ensembles are around these days. It is well recorded, and the booklet is informative and to the point. A very successful performance and recommended.

Buxtehude & Co. Krieger-Weckmann-Becker-Theile. Chaconnes, Sonatas.

New acquisition.
Bought in June 2016.
First listen.
Original release date: 2007.
Label: Challenge Classics.
Recording dates: November 2006.
Recording venue: Laurentius Church, Mijnsheerenland, NL.
Recording engineer: Daniël van Horssen.
Running time: 76:18.
Classical relevance: Very seductive music, well worth having.

Works performed:
Works for Trombone, Dulcian, Harpsichord/Organ, Violin.

Johann Philipp Krieger. (1649-1725)
Matthias Weckmann. (c.1619-1674)
Dieterich Buxtehude. (1637-1707)
Dietrich Becker. (1623-1671)
Johann Theile. (1646-1724)

Performed by:
Caecilia Concert
(Played on authentic instruments or copies)

What a lovely and welcome surprise this music is. The start of a whole serie of CD'S I bought of this ensemble, and if the first disc is anything to go by, I am in for a treat. This excellent disc holds pristine interpretations of concertos written for Cornetto, Tenor trombone and Dulcian. The tone and sound is attractive as is the music. The music making is relaxed, attentive to even the smallest detail, all captured in a warm yet lucid recording. It's a rich musical world that is presented here. All composers were active as Kapellmeister and wrote music especially to be performed during the concerts known as "Abendmusiken". And by the sound of it, enervating and satisfying concertos that must have been.  Technically demanding for the players, but if well performed a balm to your ears, and a joy for your heart. Especially the virtuosic writing by Matthias Weckmann is amazing, and frankly almost impossible to imagine that it is possible to play at such a speed especially for the trombone with enormous intervals. But it is done here with ease, which shows the excellence of the musicians, of the Caecilia Concert. Well for me to add also that the booklet is excellent, information about composers, works, be it sparse, but understandable for most.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Musica Vaticana. Music from the Vatican Manuscripts (1503-1534)

Second rerun.
The last CD of today, and a soothing one it is, highly regarded by me, and firmly recommended for their choir culture, which is extraordinary in the execution of the music, and the command of internal volume.

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The Organ Music at European courts.

A second outing for this fine CD, which for me was the find of 2016 so far. I keep to the original review.
Firmly recommended for all organ buffs.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Graun, Johann Gottlieb. (16702-1771) Sinfonias and Flute music.

Second rerun of this disc.
Graun's music is always a pleasure to listen to. Especially if it comes in such good performances.
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First review.

Rodrigo, Joaquin. The Rodrigo collection. CD 8

Second rerun of a disc with chamber music by this composer I enjoyed very much, both by its sensitive interpretation and recording. However I must warn you about pressing noises on the disc, they pop up every now and then, and are irritating. Also a disc with Piano solo in this series has this problem. And no chance of a replacing copy, for it is too expensive to print them again. So you have to live with it, or try to return the box. Bare in mind that only 2 discs are befallen to this problem, so you might considering keeping it, after all it is very inexpensive. They will play without falter though.

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Gallus, Jacobus Handl.(1550-1591) Moralia-Harmoniae Morales. (Excerpts)

Second rerun of one of the best discs by Singerpur. I so love the internal balance of this choir, and the blending of the voices. Finally a choir that satisfy me in every respect.
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First review.

Erich-Saxer & Druckenmuller. Complete Organ Music.

A second rerun of a disc that gives me much pleasure. The music is top notch, and frankly the performance too. Sound is excellent too, not to mention the Organ which belongs to one of the finest in the Netherlands. Recommended to all organ buffs.
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Buxtehude and his circle.

Second rerun of this extraordinary fine disc. A full price 2016 release, but well worth every penny. 
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Vaet, Jacobus. (c.1529-1567) Te Deum Laudamus. Motets-Magnificat-Missa Quodibetica. First Recordings.

Second rerun of this impressive recording with the music of Vaet, a forgotten composer, but nevertheless very important in the history of music. I am happy with this interpretation, and choir balance, but I keep having some argument with the countertenor, as stated in my first review.
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Schickhardt, Johann Christian. (1682-1762) Six Concertos for 4 Flutes and BC.

Second rerun.
I stay close to my first review regarding this performance. Delightful music, well played and recorded, it's a fine addition to anyone's collection. Flautando Koln is a excellent ensemble and this you may hear at it's fullest through the music of this unknown composer.
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Music at the Court of Emperor Rudolf II in Prague.

A second rerun of a set I welcomed with enthusiasm, when I bought it in March 2016. This twofar is an excellent example of ensemble singing. I had some slight criticism about the volume applied further on in this recording, but that in no way detracts from the pleasure in listening. I got this set for a pittance, and as far as I know it's still for the same low price. You might well want to invest in this performance. Sound is state of the art.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Factor Orbis. Sacred Music of the Renaissance.

Second rerun.
It is no secret that I like this ensemble very much. In them I found a balance amongst the voices, and a precision, that keeps me in awe, every time I play any of their discs.
Factor Orbis is a point in case, absolute world class performances, a unique pleasure in all respects. The third recommendation in a row this day, but one that is truly unique.
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Praetorius, Hieronymus, (15601629) and Praetorius Jacob, (1586-1651) Organ works.

Second rerun of this fine organ disc. A firm recommendation it gets from me. It is in all repects a wonderful recording.
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Music from Spain's Golden Age.

Second rerun!
This disc is so much fun, gives so much pleasure, the arrangements are top notch, has state of the art sound, and is thoroughly recommendable. Get it!
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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Three CD'S in the rerun. Gernsheim, Pez, & Heinsius coupled with Lentz, all recent acquirements.

For me today it's a treat of reruns of recent acquirements. Heavens knows how long it sometimes takes before I am able the play recent discs again. I have a large amount of Baroque CD'S, and romantic chamber music in my office, the place were I replay all small ensemble recordings, and sometimes organ music and or Orchestral things, but none to often, for that needs to be played in my dedicated listening room.
Three reruns now.

This fine disc. Two masterworks by an composer that is constantly underrated.

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First review.

Music by Johann Christoph Pez seldom performed, but so beautiful!

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And finally a recent acquisition that gets the highest marks by me. A disc to have, by two unknown Dutch composers.

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I ordered a few CD'S this morning....

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pepusch, Johann Christoph. (1667-1752) Concertos and Overtures for London.

Second rerun of this fine recording. Beautiful, well crafted, and a joy to hear his music. As said before, I wished there was more of his music recorded by this excellent ensemble, which name still makes me grin from ear to ear.
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First review.

Bach, C.P.E. (1714-1788) Three Sonatas for Harpsichord and Violin.

The second time around, this disc keeps me in awe for the mastery of Bach. The contemplative character of these works, and even deep thought like in the violin sonatas from his father, keeps impressing me. All to do of course with the more than excellent performances and recording. Well worth acquiring this CD.
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Suddeutsche Orgelmeister, Volume III. Organ music by Bach-Muffat-Zipoli-Kerll-Froberger.

This is the second time around for this CD, and my admiration for what I hear grows in equal measure. The Ahrend Organ in Landshut sounds fantastic, Hensel playing gets at the heart of the music, despite some criticisms I have, and what is more, she is an organist that gets the composer Domenico Zipoli. For the way she plays it is nothing short of marvelous. Other interpretations I heard so far can not even reach her in expression. And that really goes for all the composers on this disc. A treasured acquisition. Very much recommended. A must have disc!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vaet, Jacobus. (c.1529-1567) Requiem and Motets.

This is the second rerun of this disc, and although I have slight reservation concerning the countertenor on this disc, as a whole I like it very much.
Be aware of the fact that Brilliant released all what was recorded of Vaet by the Dufay ensemble for a budget price. If you want all, go for that.

See first review of this disc.
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Heinsius, Michael Ernst. (1710-1764) & Lentz, Nicolaas. (1720?-1782) Sinfonies, and Harpsichord Concertos.

New acquisition.
Bought in June 2016.
First listen.
Original release dates: 1999.
Label: BIS.
Recording dates: August 1998.
Recording venue: Houtrust Kerk, The Hague, The Netherlands.
Recording engineer: Hans Kipfer.
Running time: 73:20.
Classical relevance: Well worth having for Baroque fans.
Played on Authentic instruments.

Works performed:
Sinfonias, opus 2.  No. 1 in D major, No. 2 in G major, No 3 in C major, No. 4 in D major, No 5 in F major, No. 6 in B flat major.

Concerto No. 1 in B flat major & in C major, for Harpsichord, 3 Violins, Viola, and Cello.

Performed by: 
Orchestra "Van Wassenaer", Makoto Akatsu, Violin and direction.
Alexander Puliaev, Harpsichord.

A disc that I ordered purely because they are Dutch composers and totally unknown, plus the fact that I like the samples I heard. First thing to say is that the excellence of this orchestra of which I never heard before either, is one of the best ensembles I heard so far. It's a Dutch based orchestra, and clearly their recording history was until now invisible to me. A crisp performance, well articulated, with an ear for the finer details in the music, and gorgeous sounding instruments. Recording is state of the art. A welcome addition to my collection.
As for the composers: there is little known of them, even less music survived  of their hands, but what is there is quite remarkable in its quality, and certainly worth having, for it does not fall below the standard of the greats.
Heinsius was an organist and led the Collegium Musicum Arnhem. It is not known how much music he wrote, but what is on this CD is of a high level and performed in his time. Written in an attractive style, with flowing melody lines and some striking dissonances. 
Lentz was also an organist. He probably came from Antwerp or Germany and he earned his living as a wine merchant in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He left only four compositions of which two are recorded here. It must be said that these concerti are extremely well written, strongly rooted  in the Baroque and leaning towards the Style Galant.
I strongly recommend this CD. Its worth every penny you spend on it. There is nothing to criticize but everything to praise.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gernsheim, Friedrich. (1839-1916) The Two Piano Quartets.

Second rerun of music by a composer I admire immensely. Both Piano Quartets are masterworks, no doubt about it! It enhances the world of Brahms in an magnificent way. Warm all embracing music that will leave no musical  wish unfulfilled.

See previous review of this disc.

First review.

Handel, George Frideric. (1685-1759) The Complete Harpsichord Music. CD 8.

New acquisition.
Bought in February 2016.
First listen.
Originally released in 2007-2008.
Label: Brilliant.
Recording dates: December 2007.
Recording venue: Remonstrantse Doopsgezinde Kerk, Deventer, The Netherlands.
Recording engineer: Peter Arts.
Running time: 56:13.
Classical relevance: A must have box.

Works performed:
Suites de Pieces pour le Clavecin II.
No. 6/7/8.
Vo far guerra from Rinaldo.

Performed by:
Michael Borgstede.

Instrument used:
Double manual German Harpsichord by Jan Kalsbeek, Zutphen, after Michael Mietke.

As with the previous CD'S in the box I am totally convinced by the excellent performance of both soloists. Also no complaints about the sound or instruments. In fact all is as it should. The music of Handel is great fun, maybe not always on a high musical level, but it is not noticeable in the music itself,  for it inspires constant joy and a zest for life. Handel even turns mediocre music into fine melodies. Not many will be able to do so. Recommended as a set.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Gouvy, Theodore. (1819-1898) Serenades for Flute and Strings.

Finally I had an hour to listen, after a strenuous day in the garden, trimming, planting and watering. One CD is always better as none, I say!
A third rerun of a beautiful disc, which I recommend with some urgency.
See first review of this disc.

First review of this disc. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Saw this fine set....and put it on my order list

Due to the heat of the summer, and loads of garden work, I am on a slow train concerning listening to music. But I keep my eyes open for bargains and unknown composers....
This is one of them. The samples sounded quite good.

On my listening menu today (24-4-2018)

J.S. Bach. Complete organ works Olivier Vernet. CD 6. Erkki Melartin. Orchestral Works. Peteris Vasks Orchestral Works ...